Older and wiser…

healing for humans of all ages
Some of us grow older with grace and look back on their life with satisfaction.  Some have mixed feelings and unfinished business.  It is never too late to learn and to forgive – Yourself as well as others.

In one or more individual sessions we look together at what bothers you, look at what you suppress which could lead to depression.  And we can look at how you can arrive at a solution that respects who you are in relationship to others.  We take the emotional charge out of situations from the past allowing old wounds to heal finally.  You can come back to yourself and your true nature to experience gentleness and softness and re-awaken your life force.

So don’t stay weighed down by your burdens – take a first step.  Help yourself, with my support, to find insight and understanding.  Learn to let go and stand tall.  Dare to find your inner peace.

And maybe an old dream comes to awareness again ?

If you’re experiencing pain from arthritis or other medical conditions more commonly experienced as we get older, it’s worthwhile having a healing session.  It may significnatly lessen your pain. And open up a new horizon.




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