How does it work ?

My practice has three main sources :

  • healing  as teached in the school of  Barbara Ann Brennan,
  • the Pathwork from Eva Pierrakos, and Core Energetics from John Pierrakos
  • the buddhist teachings

Thus it combines counselling with body-oriented therapy and hands-on healing.

The classic resources are medical doctors,physiotherapists and psychotherapists. Healing is complementary to all these disciplines, and is also defined as healing of the soul, with or without the healing of the body. Yet healing is not confessional, you don’t need to adhere to a certain religion.

Sometimes one sessionof hands-on healing is enough to find a turning point. Sometimes one needs more  and than we look at how you use your energy, how you create distortions in your field and where you slip back into old patterns.

I cannot change the facts of your life, but together we can work with your perspective, with your way of handling situations. With your attitude and your beliefsystems. New toughts give new feelings, and from there you create a different future. The tablework offers a feeling experience that supports you in materialising your new reality.

Healed means OK inside. You have a sense you’l be able to make it. You have renewed contact with your essence and that gives rest inside.  This in turn promotes your innate self-healing capacities.



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