Good for whom/what ?






Healing is beneficial for young and old, ill or healthy. It will always promote your personal growth and enhance your physical, emotional and mental well being.

Healings teach you to feel your essence and to express it in all aspects of your life.

Healing works amongst others through intense relaxation, so offers comfort in all stress-related complaints. Stress causes contraction on different levels and dysharmony in your energyflow. Healingsessions support your recovery. They can substantially soften your pain.  Also they have positive influence on your life force and help you to experience your life as meaningfull.

There are numerous specific indications where healing brings good results. Several I experienced myself in my clients. Do you think you drink too much or did your friends give you a hint ? Do you want to quit smoking but did not (yet) succeed ? Do you want to dispense with your sleepingpills because they don’t offer a real solution ? With healings you find peace and overcome your fatigue and apathy. It may reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy. Revalidation is enhanced.

For myself, I like to receive a  healing when I am ill, and recovery is not yet in my reach. Or when I feel restless and nervous, then a healing is soothing and I get clarity once more. To become strong yet soft, lively yet calm, that’s what energywork does for me.

Brennan Healing® is advantageous for :

  • your vitality and energylevels
  • the safe release of emotions
  • strenghtening your immunity and your nervous system
  • gaining insight and self development, also for children
  • self-esteem, standing firmly on your own feet
  • self-expression and joy
  • the healing and transformation of relationships
  • growing old with grace and pleasure


So you can use it  to complement  other work you do on :

  • the healing of (chronical) physical symptoms
  • pain relief (post-surgical, chronical, migraine, backache,…)
  • the recovery after a disease or surgery
  • letting go of limiting beliefs
  • working with addictionproblems
  • alleviating stress, anxiety and depression, grief and traumawork
  • deblocking blocked creativity
  • learning disorders
  • caring for the dying .

Attention :  healings are no substitute for a doctor’s visit.


The healingprocess starts with your longing for transformation and greater awareness. Together we create and augment your joy, freedom and health, in responsability and connection : 

  • Joy : tranquillity in your head, comfortably in your body, pleasure in your life.
  • Freedom : dare to choose for your longing, let go of limiting habits
  • Health : learn to make optimal use  of your self-healing capacity
  • Responsability : create your life with respect for others and self
  • Connectedness : make true contact with others, with open heart




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