About Annick

After years of practicing Reiki, I felt a longing for a structured education, with deep transformation for myself and professional training and supervision. I found these in the school of Barbara Brennan (http://barbarabrennan.com/bbshe). Her approach of the human energyfield and its relationship with illness, health and happiness I found truly inspirational. Meanwhile I finished the 4-years of training, so I may call myself a certified Brennan Healing ScienceĀ® Practitioner. It felt like homecoming.

As Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, I spent 5 years practicing as a vet, working mainly with small animals.

Through my Master in General Management (PUB),  Vlerickschool, I gained experience in the domains of animal nutrition and biotechnology.

Finally, I build my own business (Phulkari) so I could organise myself in our own rythm for the education of my 3 children, all in their twenties now.

I trained in yoga and meditation, practiced bio-energetics, had psychotherapy and Rolfing. I was passionate about how we can find longstanding happiness. Although “longstanding” and “happiness” are not the right words anymore. It is now “internal peace and joy”.

I take good care of my physical, emotional and mental condition. Before I practice healing, I do yoga and meditation, so I reach that poit of wholeness in myself, and from there can pass it forward and go in resonance. Hands-on techniques modulate the disturbances in other people’s field so a client gets a direct experience of wholeness and wellbeing.

I have an analytical mind, great patience, I am not very talkative, rather direct, a bit chaotic in the house yet very precise in my work.