Also for animals






Pets enjoy your presence and healing touch. They decide for themselves when they “have enough”, then they’ll just walk on. And when they are sick, it may last for hours on end.

In our built-up environment, our pets depend on us for their physical survival and emotional wellbeing. If you have a pet, you probably already practice healing on them spontaneously : you make contact, you touch and stroke, you stay close, you hold them and you move together. You love.

Cats are very independent and posess a great capacity for self-healing. They do indeed have literally 9 lives. Dogs and horses are groupanimals who accept our leadership and guidance and need our help and imput.

For pets, I have a seperate room. We can also make an appointment for a home visit or for a distant healing.  Tariff varies according to treatmenttime. Often that si only 6-10 minutes per session, though it may take much longer in case of illness or pain. Call me for more information.

Click here for a beautiful recording about the healing of a wolf.


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